Something Evil

by Ghost Funk Orchestra

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released November 3, 2017

Written, arranged, and performed by Seth Applebaum
"What Now" co-written by Jon Fichter
"Solo" and "Fluorescent" lyrics by Razor Honey
"Night Terrors" lyrics by F. Virtue
Spoken word by Nelson Espinal

Julian Applebaum - bass (track 4)
Seth Applebaum - drums/guitar/bass/keyboards/percussion/viola
Nelson Espinal - vox (track 1, 6)
Jon Fichter - bass/drums/percussion/vox (track 3)
Laura Gwynn - vox/percussion (track 1, 2)
Razor Honey - vox (2, 5)
Mike Noordzy - contra alto clarinet (track 5)
Gabriela Tessitore - vox/percussion (track 1)
Bettina Warshaw - percussion (track 1)
F. Virtue - vox (track 4)

Recorded mostly at Ghostload Sound
Additional engineering by Romi, Will, and Mike
Mixed/Mastered by Seth Applebaum


all rights reserved



Ghost Funk Orchestra New York


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Track Name: Evil Minds
Evil is cruelty with an unwavering sense of intent
The capacity for evil lives inside all of us
Inside your mother
Inside your father
Inside your best friend
Inside the police man
Inside the doctor
Inside of you
Inside of me
The war to keep the pain at bay and settle its deisre
To devour the "I" in your life may consume you
Waking up shaking in loss in a sea of your own bedsheets
Sitting on the train and feeling somehow spinning around you
With all eyes focused on your mind
And its unrelenting free speech
The death of our perception of self holds the key to power
Be vulnerable
Let go of fear and watch evil be gone
Let go of yourself
Be present
Be kind

I've fallen to the ground
Got two eyes that couldn't see
There were people all around
But they wouldn't talk to me
I've got rocks in my lungs
And a boulder in my soul
You could open up their chest
It would be an empty hole
If you've awoken your mind
Why are you still so far behind?
Dedicated to the grind
But stuck in your chair
There are things you want to do
Revolution's up to you
Only you are the difference
But you're pulling out your hair

Evil minds
Waste your time

Something can't be right
Why do you stay awake at night
With your brain in a tangle
And your hands covered in sweat?
When your heart blows through your chest
You're disgusted with the rest
Will you take to the streets
Or stay at home and fret?
Keep on killing your time
Write about every crime
Say you want them to burn
But you hide in the dark
Things are starting to crumble
You can feel the pavement rumble
Get your feet into action
When the man's off his mark
Track Name: Solo
No one deserves
To take on my weight
To take on my lack of fate
No direction no attraction
Terrible decisions or a goat?
Low - I sank so low
Trying to get to shore but no more of that
From now on I'm as flat as they need me to be
I wish
Fuck this shit

They sank so low

How low can you go?
Talking about an object
Talking about me
I can hear you you maleshrews
You got everything to lose but you never will
So I'll swallow the bitter pill
The better picture is unreachable

They sank so low

We sank so low
Trying to get to shore
But I adore the way you try
And you ignore the way I die
So goodbye
Please miss me
We sank so low
I sank so low
So low
So low
Track Name: Night Terrors
This is where it started
Mark it right here
Between the bathroom and the broken glass from the light beer
You dropped when you shuttered when I whispered in your right ear
I'll love you through your ups and downs and your night mares
Hold you tight through your night terrors
And dire fears
We gotta stay closer than ever in these dire times
But I'm so tired, dear
Or maybe we're just wired weird
So many mental things I can't diagnose 'em
Can't pin em down to prescribe em and dose em
But we look good tonight
Let's take pics and post em
And if they don't get enough likes let's dispose em

And the rapper was like, "I'm about to go in!"
I was like, "Go into where?"
Then the verse was boring and the song was over and I was no more self aware
Then I was when it began
Then I was when it was sang
You didn't pick up a single thing along the way
If you end up with what you brang


Who shot the sheriff
He'd still be here if he didn't collect the tariffs
Raised taxes make jack a dull boy
Got me smoking so much my skull's void

Not half full or half empty, just empty
No other angle or way to see it
Just empty

But there's some juice left
Not about who's next, or who's best
About exposing the little bits of truth left
While you 2 step
And everything changed while you drew breath

A SoHo Second in a New York minute
Let's all make some news just to see how they'll spin it
My raps got chest hair, verses fed spinach
Pop'm in the eye, the kid, he bled privilege
The kid he met grimace
Getting old south of east village
Rotting where my crib is
Started in a crib, it's
So cyclical, a cycle till it's finished
And it's finished
It's infinite
But yeah, it's finished
Track Name: Fluorecent
They’re neon, I’m fluorescent
They got the fools to tell ‘em where to get famous at
They got the rules
To make everyone approve
Of their superiority
And me? I go to sleep
I stand still
There’s no thrill
It’s all real
The dream is over
Forget about closure
Forget about ever having somebody else to take care of your shit
But them? They’re lit
They’re lit. They’re a hit
They’re the holy mother of god’s clit
And me? We’ll, I’m addicted
To everything I hate
I’m not related to the real me
I don’t know if it even exists
What am I missing?

I’m an outsider
Outside of everything
Right next to your screen
I’m unseen
I’m unmanageable
That’s why I don’t find a manager
To manage me right back into the light
Heck, it’s not my right
But despite that I must endure
I think
I’m sure
I’m good enough
Even though from this end it looks pretty rough
Even though every second step I take feels like sinking in tar
It’s way too far
Way too hard
Way too dark
It’s way too much
I need a crutch
I try to revitalize my own self
But I need to be touched
I don’t know
Maybe I just don’t make the cut
Maybe I’m a loser, maybe I’m a slut
Sure think is that I’m stuck in a rut

(...connected to a soul
To a pair of hands
To self control
To a wider lens
I need a friend
Track Name: Fear
I fear fear
Fear is the anxiety of your mother leaving you after school
And never coming back
Fear is getting struck by the person you love
And it being used an act to gain respect
Fear is the consequence of potentially
Not having enough to eat
Fear is the chain that binds us to
The psychological past and future
The look in a person's eyes when pain takes hold
And destroys their capacity for freedom of mind
Fear is our bridge to evil...

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